Who Are We?
Guangzhou AOQUN BRUSH is a large-scale high-quality customized brush manufacture company. As a national high-tech company, it has a number of invention patents, obtained ISO13485, ISO9001 quality system certifications. AOQUN BRUSH has a annual production capacity of ≥200 million pieces, a R & D design team and foreign trade team with more than 20 years of industry experience and German automated production brush machines. Products comply with more than 30 industry certifications, including ROHS, SVHC, UL94–V0 flame retardant test, FDA registration, antibacterial test, UV aging test, etc. Best-selling in United States, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, serve more than 30 industries and have long-term cooperation with internationally renowned companies such as CRRC Group, Schinder, Hitachi, Kone and Combi, etc.
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Brush News
What Are The Medical Cleaning Brushes That Brush Distributors Buy More?
Aoqun Brush Wholesale Factory not only has medical cleaning brushes but also bottle cleaning brushes and other cleaning brushes. AOQUN for brush distributors can customize the look of cleaning brushes, not only practical but also beautiful.
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Medical cleaning is important!
Aoqun Brush Industry has sophisticated equipment, a mature team, and rich experience. If you need to customize medical cleaning brush products, welcome to consult with drawings and samples.
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How To Clean The Inside Of A Drinking Bottle?
Aoqun Cleaning Brushes That I Use Are Long With Flexible Bristles Made With Nylon And Connected To A Long Stem That Is Either Made Of Wire Or Plastic.
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