Indentify PP / PA

How to Indentify PP or PA in Brush Industry?

Brush can be well understood in Chinese, the material is the“filament”,the function is cleaning, polishing, abrasing, sealing, dust-proof, fitering and so on. It means that the most important part of the brush is the“filament”.Generally speaking, the brush is made by animal hair, plant fibre, plastic, wire or abrasive filaments. The cost of Animal hair is more expensive, and the plant fibre is worn easily. Wire and abrasive filaments are always used in industry. The plastic is in common use and much more cheaper among all the material, including PA/PP/PBT/PE/PET. But PBT / PE / PET has slightly toxic, PA / PP is non-toxic. Therefore, many customers choose PP/PA as the filament. But PA is the best choice between PP and PA.

PA, the nylon, which is a thermoplastic polymer, it has very good abrasion resistance, flexible and soft, it can get back into the shape after twisted, and it can be made in all diameter in size and all colors.

PP, the polyproylene, which is also a thermoplastic polymer, it is acid and alkadi resistance but less flexible than PA. Moreover, it can be made in all diameter in size and all color. It can be use in medical industry for the acid and alkadi resistance function.

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