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Cleaning Brushes For Musical Instruments In Aoqun Brush Factory

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Update time : 2023-04-21 14:57:02
I believe that everyone will go to concerts or listen to music in their daily lives. Where do these beautiful music melodies come from? That's right, musicians use some musical instruments such as flutes, trumpets, tubas, saxophones, etc., to play lovely melodies by controlling the laws of the wind. But at the same time, gas is being delivered to the instrument. Often the air blown out of people's mouths contains moisture. Since the structure of musical instruments is relatively complicated, musical instrument cleaning rushes must be used to clean them thoroughly.
brass instrument cleaning brushes
When cleaning musical instruments, a kit is used, which is the trumpet cleaning kit. This includes snake brushes, brass instrument cleaning brushes, and various small brushes for removing dust. Choose the appropriate cleaning brush according to the instrument's structure for thorough cleaning.

Why Use an Instrument Cleaning Brush?

1. To ensure the service life of the instrument, bacteria will oxidize and corrode the instrument
2. Keep the instrument in good condition, foreign objects inside the instrument will affect the playing melody
3. Guarantee people's health, uncleanliness will breed bacteria, spread through contact
4. Keep the instrument looking good

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