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Wholesale Filter Brushes For Fishery Water Treatment

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Update time : 2022-08-05 17:26:08
When it comes to Hainan, the keywords that come to mind are Sanya, beach, seafood, tourism, etc. There is another hot spot worth knowing about, the Hainan fishery.
Why do you say that? Hainan Province is located at the southernmost tip of China and is surrounded by sea on all sides. The province's marine fishing grounds cover an area of nearly 300,000 square kilometers, with 25,700 hectares of coastal tidal flats available for farming. With the continuous expansion and growth of Hainan's fishery, various fish such as golden pomfret, grouper, and redfish are deeply welcomed by the international market, and the demand is increasing. Hainan, as a huge advantage of southern breeding, can also be Bringing hundreds of billions of output value to the "blue granary".
Due to the long-term non-uniform mandatory standards for aquaculture tail water discharge across Hainan, tail water treatment is difficult, hindering the green and high-quality development of the aquaculture industry. In June 2019, after the implementation of Hainan Province's "Aquaculture Tail Water Discharge Requirements" (DB46/T 475-2019), the classification requirements, standard values, measurement methods, etc. of tailwater discharge were clarified. Recycling to promote the sustainable and green development of aquaculture.

Aoqun Filter Brushes
Tail water treatment is inseparable from a good filter brush. Which filter brush is better for Hainan's aquaculture tail water treatment? According to the standard, after the tailwater has been treated by sedimentation, filtration, purification, and other methods, it should reach the standard value of tailwater discharge from freshwater aquaculture or mariculture before it can be discharged. As the main force of physical filtration, the filter brush can intercept large solid wastes generated in aquaculture activities, such as dead aquaculture animals, residual bait, and excrement, and effectively remove impurities in the water. The tailwater of aquaculture becomes purified water, which reduces environmental pollution, saves water resources, and is used for circular aquaculture.
Due to the poor quality of the brush wire, the unstable skeleton, and the aging of the hanging ring, the ordinary filter brushes on the market are cheap, but they are not worry-free and have a short service life. The patented product hydrophilic and biophilic filter brush independently developed and produced by AOQUN adopts a unique cross design, which can slow down the flow rate, and at the same time block the suspended solids in the water in a large area, and the filtration effect is excellent; Help microorganisms to survive and metabolize better, promote the growth of nitrifying bacteria in aquaculture, effectively reduce ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in water, and ensure the stability of the ecological balance system.

high-quality filter brushes
AOQUN supplies large quantities of high-quality filter brushes to Hainan every year. Recently, more than 50,000 filter brushes are being used for tail water treatment in large breeding bases. In addition, AOQUN filter brushes have also been successfully applied in the overall water treatment project of Guangzhou Asian Games City, the water purification project on both sides of the Pearl River, the water purification project of Hangzhou West Lake, the standardized transformation of the Hubei Wanmu shrimp and crab breeding base and the tailwater compliance project, Shandong Thousands of acres of koi breeding, hatching and cultivation projects, etc.

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