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Professional Medical Cleaning Brush For Instrument Cleaning

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Update time : 2022-08-11 17:49:46
Thorough cleaning of medical equipment after use to remove stains such as body fluids, blood, pus, and blood attached to it is an essential part of controlling nosocomial infections. It is important to know that any dirt remaining on the equipment will form a protective film on the surface of microorganisms, hinder the contact between the sterilization system and microorganisms or delay their action and prevent the effective contact between microorganisms and sterilization gas, whether it is physical or chemical disinfection and sterilization methods may lead to failure, therefore, the cleaning quality of medical equipment is related to nosocomial infection, However, cleaning is a prerequisite for cleaning. No one should ignore the cleaning process because of disinfection and sterilization.

medical cleaning brush
Manual cleaning is a must-have process. Use a medical cleaning brush to remove the dirt adhering to the instrument to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Surgical instruments in medical care are relatively expensive, so be careful to clean them. The filaments of the cleaning brush are too hard, which will damage the protective film of the instrument and cause rust on the metal instrument. If the brush wire is too soft, there is no cleaning efficiency. Do not use steel balls for excessive scrubbing. Nylon wool is more suitable, and you can choose a suitable diameter. Therefore, using the nylon wool medical cleaning brush of AOQUN Wholesale Factory can not only clean the medical equipment but also protect the surface of the equipment.
AOQUN's medical cleaning brushes have been used in many countries around the world. Many medical institutions choose nylon wire brushes for general medical equipment to clean, to prolong surgical instruments' service life. Many general medical device cleaning brushes are single-use, so they are bought in bulk.

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