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Detail Of Using Medical Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

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Update time : 2022-09-16 17:41:14
Because endoscopic instruments contain a variety of lumens with different diameters and lengths, brushes of different specifications need to be used for cleaning. There are irregularities and randomness when using brushes to clean lumen instruments. Causes adverse consequences such as incomplete cleaning, damage to the outer sheath of the lumen, and shortened service life of the brush. Therefore, standardizing the use of the brush can improve the cleaning quality, prolong the service life of the endoscopic instruments, and protect the performance of the brush. important role.
Laparoscopic instruments include pneumoperitoneum needles, size stamps, converters, operating forceps sheaths, suction tubes, and other lumens. The endoscopic size ranges from 0.2cm to 2.0cm, and the lumen instruments are not entirely regular. Most of them are in direct contact with the patient's body fluids, blood, and tissues, and the degree of contamination is high. It is difficult to ensure that the interior of the lumen is thoroughly cleaned with an automatic cleaning machine. Studies have shown that manual cleaning of lumen instruments is essential. Therefore, in order to ensure the cleaning quality, we adopt the method of manual cleaning + automatic cleaning. For manual cleaning, for the lumen of different diameters, it is necessary to use tube brushes of different specifications for preliminary cleaning. There are many types of brushes on the market, and it is very important to choose a suitable and matching medical endoscope cleaning brush. In actual use, there is a mismatch between the lumen and the brush, which is large or small, and it is difficult to conform to the interior of the lumen or the resistance is too large during cleaning, and even multiple brushes are used at the same time. Brush damage. The artificial brute force operation during brushing will cause the brush to bend and deform. When the brush is used again, it will not enter the lumen smoothly and brush the blind area. , thereby increasing hospital costs.
At the same time, a wide variety of brushes are often mixed when hanging and taking them. It takes time to find a matching brush, especially for new employees. Although they have brushes with perfect specifications, they still cannot find a match. Color identification can regulate the placement of the brush after use, and it is convenient for new employees to find and use the matching brush to clean the lumen instruments for the first time. Some changes and suggestions have been made:
Prepare tube cleaning brushes of different specifications to measure the diameter of the lumen in the endoscopic instrument. Perfectly equip brushes for the lumen of different diameters and sizes to avoid mismatches, and choose 1mm larger than the inner diameter of the lumen. The tube brush ensures that the brush can also clean thoroughly when it enters the lumen and pours the hair.
Standardize the use of tube cleaning brushes The use of meetings is formulated for the random operation or brute force operation of personnel. The left hand holds the lumen instrument and the right-hand holds the brush; the right hand holds the brush, and the distance from the lumen entrance is ≤ 1cm; the length of each brush entry is ≤ 1cm, so as to avoid the long distance and high pressure of the brush, which will cause the brush to bend and deform, which will affect the Reuse of the brush or damage to the device sent into the lumen; cleaning from the clean end to the contaminated end, one brushing needs to see the brush at both ends before the next brushing to ensure sufficient brushing.
Tie different color marks on the ends of the tube brushes of various specifications, indicate the number of the tube brushes, and hang them with self-adhesive hooks. Above the hooks, the number of pipe brushes of the same color corresponds to the number of tube cleaning brushes in this color. It is clear which lumens can be used for cleaning the pipeline brush, ensuring that the brushes can be classified in the same color, and it is convenient to find a matching brush in the shortest time.
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