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What Are The Best-Selling Cleaning Brushes In AOQUN?

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Update time : 2022-09-26 09:55:01
In the brush industry, there are many types of brushes, for example: according to the usage scene, it can be divided into civil brushes and industrial brushes; if divided by function, there are: polishing brushes, sealing brushes, and cleaning brushes ...And today I will focus on telling you about the use of cleaning brushes, mainly taking the four major cleaning brushes of Aoqun's family as an example, so that everyone can truly understand "the use of brushes", as follows:

1. Pipe Cleaning Brushes

Taking the electronic cigarette cleaning brush as an example, the electronic cigarette cleaning brush is mainly divided into manual cleaning and automatic cleaning, which are mainly used to clean the cigarette rod and heating plate of the electronic cigarette. Specific operations: 1. After the pipe is cooled down, use a cleaning brush to brush it again, and brush every corner of the pipe, especially in some small places. To brush slowly, it must be brushed in place; 2. Clean up an excellent electronic cigarette that cannot be smoked immediately. After the electronic cigarette is naturally air-dried, the main purpose is to clean the pipe and give a sense of the later use experience.

2. Sewage Treatment Brushes

The use of the sewage treatment filter brush is also very simple. The specific operations are as follows: just hang the sewage treatment filter brush vertically and place it in a close and orderly manner. "Intercept" down, the downstream water body thus has a good filtering effect. In addition, this cleaning filter brush is also very easy to clean. After use, it can be sprayed with a high-pressure water gun. It can be recycled for 3 years without hair loss and deformation, which is very environmentally friendly.

3. Instrument Cleaning Brushes

Depending on the type of instrument and its components, the instrument cleaning brushes used are also different. For example, valve port cleaning brushes are mainly used to clean the valve ports of brass instruments or all instruments with valve ports; woodwind instrument key cleaning brushes Effectively remove dust from woodwind keys, and ensure that your keys are kept in a good condition.
Make sure your woodwind is in a playable state; the most common mouthpiece brush, its correct use is: Use warm, foamy water, and the brush vigorously cleans both ends of the mouthpiece; must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent Cross-infection of bacteria, viruses or fungi in the dust.

4. Bottle Cleaning Brushes

There are many kinds of AOQUN bottle cleaning brushes, such as wine bottles, feeding bottles, glass water glasses, etc. According to the characteristics of different types of bottles, different bottle brushes can be customized. Let’s take a baby bottle as an example to teach you how to use the bottle cleaning brush correctly. The specific operations are 1. First, disassemble the baby bottle; 2. Use a bottle brush to brush every corner of the baby bottle, especially around the mouth of the baby bottle. , Use a small bottle brush to slowly brush, and it must be brushed in place. If the bottle is with a straw, it should also be brushed. This place is difficult to clean and easy to ignore; 3. After every part of the bottle is cleaned, Then put the bottle in boiling water at 100 degrees, cook for 3-5 minutes, take it out, dry it, and put it away for next use.
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