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Why Does Aoqun Brush Pay Attention To The Density Of The Filter Brush?

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Update time : 2021-10-14 10:49:49
If the density of the filter bristles is not ideal and the bristles are sparse, the filtering effect will be very unstable. In response to this problem, Aoqun has its own set of methods to solve it.
Aoqun Brush has focused on the production of brushes for 20 years and can be customized according to the different requirements of different customers. If the customer has a thickness requirement for the density of the filter brush, Aoqun can adjust the spacing between the bristles during the production of the product. The density is the thickness required by the customer. The filter brush can also control the water flow when it plays a filtering role. The density of the brush can change the speed of the water flow to filter the dirt in the water, so as to ensure that the customer will not affect the effect due to the density of the brush during use.

fish pond  filter brush
Fish pond Filter Brush
Aoqun Brush is also the first fish pond filter brush manufacturer in China to formulate product quality standards. The brush product quality standards are not only used for reference by peers but also widely praised by customers. They are transformed into the accepted standards of many industry leaders; the only set of twisted wire brushes, Strip brushes, planting bushes, three categories of products, independent production, sales, and service of professional brush companies. With an R&D team with 17 years of experience, Aoqun Brush Manufacturer provides customized solutions for more than 20 leading companies in the industry; its business covers more than 50 countries and regions, and its products have passed more than 30 certifications such as the European Union. The manufacturer of fish pond filter brushes is the most professional in the Aoqun brush industry!

Aoqun Cleaning Brush Manufacturer
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