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Which Twisted Wire Brushes Does AOQUN Have?

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Update time : 2022-12-07 17:05:07
Aoqun Brush Factory produces all kinds of twisted wire brushes. The process of twisted wire brushes is simple, but we strictly control the diameter of the brush wires to meet the needs of customers. Let me introduce our company's twisted wire brushes.
Bottle cleaning brush, which is also a common brush in our life, is used to clean various bottles, such as sports water bottles, beverage bottles, baby bottles, etc., and can clean places that are difficult to reach.
Bottle cleaning brush
Bottle cleaning brush

Gun cleaning brush is used to clean the gun hole and clean the residual ammunition dirt in the empty gun. The raw materials of the gun cleaning brush are metal wire and cotton. Several twisted wire brush heads are set up for easy replacement.
Gun cleaning brush
Gun Cleaning Brushes
Medical cleaning brushes, including endoscope cleaning brushes, surgical instrument cleaning brushes, CPAP cleaning brushes, etc. The small twisted wire brush with a long brush handle is convenient for cleaning relatively long tubes.

Medical cleaning brushes
Medical Cleaning Brushes
Filter brush can also be used as an eaves brush or a fish egg brush. It is a large twisted wire brush, and different brush wires can be chosen according to the application. The brush filaments used in filter brushes and eave brushes are relatively complicated, while the brush filaments used in fish egg brushes are relatively soft.

Filter brushes
Filter Brushes
Other cleaning brushes, including e-cigarette cleaning brushes, straw cleaning brushes, and musical instrument cleaning brushes, most of them are twisted wire brushes.

AOQUN is a professional manufacturer of customized twisted wire brushes, we will design a suitable solution for you. We will create brushes that do not exist, and we will do better with existing brushes.

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