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Principles And Details Of Medical Device Cleaning

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The cleaning of medical devices requires the following eight basic principles:

1. The treatment procedure of cleaning first and then disinfecting should be followed. The corresponding regulations should be followed for the treatment of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, utensils, and articles contaminated by prions, gas gangrene, and infectious disease pathogens with unknown causes.
2. Follow the product instruction manual or instruction manual.
3. The cleaning temperature and concentration should be chosen according to the instructions of the medical cleaning agent, and it should be prepared and used immediately.
4. The detachable parts of the device should be disassembled to the smallest unit according to the product instructions and then cleaned. Combination instruments should be cleaned of fine and valuable parts first and the stoma retracts, the convex chassis can be used and the stoma belt or stoma belt can be worn to fix it.
5. Choose the cleaning method according to the instrument type. Conventional instruments, moisture-resistant and heat-resistant instruments should be cleaned mechanically; precision and complex instruments and instruments with special requirements should be cleaned manually; heavily polluted instruments and instruments with complex structures should be cleaned manually and mechanically.
6. Precision instruments and sharp instruments should be placed in special cleaning baskets for cleaning and should be protected after cleaning.
7. Cleaning tools should be rinsed immediately when they are contaminated and should be cleaned and disinfected or replaced in time after use.
8. The monitoring of cleaning quality should follow the regulations of the corresponding hospital.

Things to pay attention to when scrubbing

a. Applicable to instruments whose surface is resistant to friction and can be soaked. b. Brush the joints, spring locks, tooth sockets, threads, long lumens, or holes of the instrument. Repeatedly scrub in the direction of the tooth gaps and grains of the tooth grooves and threads. Scrubbing should be done under the liquid surface. c. For lumen devices, a medical instrument cleaning brush suitable for the diameter and length of the lumen should be chosen. d. The cleaning brush should be pulled out after brushing the luminal instruments with one end open, and the luminal instruments with both ends open should be brushed through to remove the pollutants on the cleaning brushes before the next brushing.
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