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What Are The Medical Cleaning Brushes That Brush Distributors Buy More?

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When need to do a cleaning, people always think of using tools to make cleaning easier. Manufacturers will make a variety of suitable cleaning brushes, and they will also be sold on the market at the request of the masses. AOQUN cleaning brush factory mainly provides various cleaning brushes to the market, mainly twisted wire cleaning brushes, which are applicable to many scenarios. The brush head has different shapes, and with different handles, it is very simple to use. Let's talk about the medical cleaning brushes of the cleaning brush wholesaler AOQUN.

Our most popular item is medical instrument cleaning brushes, with shipments in the tens of millions. Aoqun Brush Factory is equipped with experienced designers to design medical equipment cleaning brushes, which are in line with people's usage habits. Combined with the angle of artificial mechanics, it is labor-saving and effective to use. In the handle design, the three-dimensional diamond shape with concave and convex is designed to increase the friction force, and the medical brush can be tightly held without slipping when using this medical brush. After careful design, the number of filaments on the brush is the key point to achieving a good cleaning effect. The density of the filaments affects the number of contacts between the brush and the medical and surgical instruments, thus affecting the cleaning effect. Therefore,  AOQUN has carefully crafted a medical Instrument cleaning brush for you.

Medical Instrument Cleaning Brushes
Medical Instrument Cleaning Brushes

There is also a toothbrush-type medical brush, which is also AOQUN's best-selling cleaning brush, with a single shipment of tens of millions. The shape of this toothbrush-type medical brush is very similar to our usual toothbrush, but the difference is that some are double-ended. The special design is that the connection between the brush head and the handle is designed at a certain angle, which is convenient for cleaning the equipment. In particular, the brush wire has metal wire, commonly used stainless steel wire, brass wire, and PA nylon wire that meets international standards. The general toothbrush type medical brush has only one brush head. The special characteristic is the brush head with two kinds of brush wires. It is more convenient to use. You can switch between different brush wires without extending the cleaning table, saving time and improving efficiency.

Toothbrush-Type Medical Brushes
Toothbrush-Type Medical Brushes

The most common is the twisted wire brush type medical cleaning brush, which is used to clean the tube type tool, so it is also called CPAP tube cleaning brush, PEG tube cleaning brush, Endoscope cleaning brush, and so on. According to the inner diameter of the cleaning object, design a reasonable filament length to achieve the best cleaning effect. Simple brush construction with filaments for the best results.

twisted wire brush type medical cleaning brushes
Twisted Wire Brush Type Medical Cleaning Brushes

Aoqun Brush Wholesale Factory not only has medical cleaning brushes but also bottle cleaning brushes and other cleaning brushes. AOQUN for brush distributors can customize the look of cleaning brushes, not only practical but also beautiful.

Aoqun Cleaning Brushes Wholesaler

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