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What Are The Main Types Of Mechanical Cleaning Of Medical Equipment?

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Mechanical cleaning mainly includes ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, washer-disinfector cleaning, and negative pressure washer cleaning.
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1. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Cleaning

a) It is suitable for cleaning the lumen and complex structures and should be used in conjunction with surgical instrument cleaning brushes manual cleaning or washer-disinfectors. b) shall comply with the requirements of WS 310.2. c) When loading, the instrument should not touch the wall of the cleaning tank, all joints of the instrument should be opened, and the fine tip of the precision instrument should be protected. d) When placing the lumen instrument, it should be slowly placed from one end to ensure that the lumen is filled with cleaning fluid. e) Degassing should follow the product instructions before cleaning. f) The medical cleaning agent should be replaced every day, and it should be replaced immediately when there is obvious pollution; the ultrasonic cleaning tank should be cleaned and disinfected at the same time.

2. Washer-Disinfector Cleaning

a) It is suitable for the cleaning of various moisture-resistant and heat-resistant medical instruments, utensils, and articles. b) shall comply with the requirements of WS 310.2.  c) It should be confirmed that the cleaning agent pump pipe is unobstructed without cracks, and the connection between the equipment water outlet and the cleaning rack should be tight. The data acquisition system is associated with the equipment operating conditions. d) Dedicated instrument racks and cleaning baskets should be chosen according to the type of instruments. e) The selection of cleaning procedures should follow the product instruction manual and comply with the A0 value required by WS 310.2. If there is an alarm, interruption, etc. during the operation of the equipment, the batch of items should be reprocessed.

3. Negative Pressure Washer Cleaning

a) It is suitable for pressure-resistant lumen instruments, precision instruments, and instruments with complex structures. b) Preliminary pre-cleaning of the equipment should be carried out to confirm that the sealing ring of the equipment is complete, the pipeline is not blocked, the switch function is intact, the hatch door is opened to the set position, and the configuration of the cleaning agent meets the requirements. c) Precision instruments and sharp instruments should be secured with protective devices. Lightweight instruments should be fitted with covers, and small instruments should be placed in a basket with fine lines. d) The loading of items should be fully submerged in water, and the loading volume should not exceed 2/3 of the volume of the basket. e) The basket cover should be closed before cleaning. The product instructions should be followed, and the procedures and parameters should be chosen according to the type of equipment; during the cleaning process, it should be observed whether the equipment slips out of the basket and whether the automatic water filling and drainage are normal.

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