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Is A Fish Pond Filter Brush Necessary?

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Update time : 2023-03-14 16:40:24
To raise fish, raise water first, and filter the water first. A filtration system is an important part of water quality maintenance and should not be underestimated! In the fish pond filtration system, there are five tanks for treating water, namely the sewage tank, the sedimentation tank, the physical tank, the biochemical tank, and the clean water tank. The fish pond filter brush is in the physical chamber. The physical chamber filter physically filters out impurities, leaves, fish feces, and water waste in the water body. Some people say that the filter brush is useless. Is it necessary?
fish pond filter brush
The fish pond filter brush is a large twisted wire brush, which is made of thousands of cross nylon bristles twisted with two stainless steel wires. The cross-green nylon filter brush produced by AOQUN is simple and can block relatively large impurities (leaves, fish feces, floating objects). The cross-green nylon filter brushes are reasonably distributed in the physical compartment, and the filtering effect is very obvious. In addition, the reason why the cross nylon is used to bend the wool is a very important factor. When the water flows through the filter brush, a biofilm can be formed quickly. The biofilm adheres to the cross nylon bristles and is not easy to be taken it away, so nitrifying bacteria can parasitize in the biofilm, and the brush can decompose fish feces, increase the effect of dripping water, increase the dissolved oxygen rate, and reduce the burden on the next biochemical filter bacteria house, reducing harmful substances in the water. This is why some mesh objects cannot replace fish pond filter brushes. Similar to silk stockings, although they can filter, the sundries will block the water flow after a long time.

cross-green nylon filter brushes
In fact, there is another reason. The fish pond filter brush can be reused. After a period of time, take out the fish pond filter brush and rinse it again, and then it can be used again. It is also a relatively environmentally friendly filter material.

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