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How Do Fish Eggs Hatch In The Fish Tank?

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Update time : 2021-11-18 14:28:37
If the eggs in the fish tank are fertilized eggs, just wait for them to hatch; however, if the eggs are infertile, they should be taken out and cleaned up immediately. Fish are oviparous animals and most of them are fertilized in vitro. Therefore, after the female fish lays eggs, the male fish must be fertilized to form a fertilized egg. If the fish eggs are not fertilized by the male fish, the eggs will gradually decay, which will lead to poor water quality and affect the health of the fish, so they must be disposed of in time.


How to breed small fish?

1. Matching broodstock: If you want to breed small fish, you must first pair the broodstock. First, prepare a fish tank, put the broodstock to be paired into it, and wait until they swim and hunt together to prove that the pairing is successful. If the pairing is not successful after a long time, you have to change a batch of females or males and continue to pair.
2. Pay attention to water quality and temperature: Pay attention to water quality when breeding, bad water quality will affect spawning. You should also pay attention to changing the water daily, but it should not change too frequently to prevent the new water quality from irritating the fish. In addition, you must also pay attention to the water temperature during reproduction. The temperature of the water should be 1-2°C higher than usual.
3. Waiting for the time to spawn: After the parent fish is paired successfully, you can spawn by yourself. The filtering equipment will suck the fish eggs away. It is recommended to plant some aquatic plants in the tank or install a fish egg hatching brush so that the laid fish eggs can be attached to the aquatic plants or the cross bristles of the fish egg spawning brush. This method can increase the eggs' survival rate and prevent the female fish from swallowing the eggs.
4. After completing the spawning
After the spawning of the female fish is completed, take out the fish egg spawning brush with the fish eggs in time and place it in a specific place for the hatching fish eggs. The fish eggs on the wall of the fish tank or other objects should be cleaned up in time to prevent the fish eggs from becoming moldy and causing water pollution. Because the broodstock will secrete a lot of mucus when spawning, the water quality is destroyed. Changing the aquarium water several times in small amounts is recommended to improve the water quality, but it should not exceed one-fifth of the water each time.
5. Fish Egg Spawning Brush
The fish eggs attached to the aquatic plants or fish egg spawning brushes do not need to be taken off separately but are directly placed in a specific place such as a hatching tank or incubator. This process does not need to replace the water, preventing the growth of several fries. After the fish grow up, you can add some sun-exposed water to the fish to reduce the hypochlorous acid brought by the tap water.

fish egg hatching brush
Aoqun fish egg hatching brush is made of stainless steel wire and nylon wire, which will not affect the spawning period of the fish and pollute the water quality. The brush wire is made of soft nylon wire, which can well protect the fragile fish eggs. On this basis, the Aoqun fish egg hatching brush has added a newly designed cross structure. Compared with the traditional cylindrical nylon wire, the cross nylon wire has a better effect of carrying the fish eggs, and the fish eggs are not easy to slip off when moving.

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