Medical Instrument Suction Tube Cleaning Brush

AOQUN Brush Specializes in the customization and production of different types and size suction tube cleaning brushes.

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Description Aoqun Brush Introduction


Medical Instrument Suction Tube Cleaning Brush

AOQUN designs and produces the suction tube cleaning brush that is the right size to clean all the suction tube. 


• Specially designed to assist within the suction tube during the cleaning process
• Made with anti-becterial nylon bristles and stainless steel twisted wire shafts


Ⅰ.Long -Small Diameter Brush

Medical Instrument Suction Tube Cleaning Brush  


Ⅱ.Brush Material

Details of Tube Cleaning Brush


Please give us size and material refer to below drawing and sheet to make
your customized suction tube brush, thank you!

Tube Cleaning Brush drawing 


Ⅲ.Brush Head Process

Instrument Suction Tube Cleaning Brush head

Ⅳ.Brush Handle Process

Tube Cleaning Brush handler material

Ⅴ.Product Details


Brush Parameter
Brush Customization
Brush Diameter 1mm-500mm
Brush Length 8mm-2950mm
Overall Length 10mm-3000mm
Brush Shape Cylindrical, Conical, Irregular Shape
Filament Material PA, Bristle, Sisal, Cotton, etc.
Handle Material Stainless Steel, Wood, Plastic, etc.
Brush Head Cotton Head, Cricle Head, Plastic Tip, Clipping Head, Fan Shape, etc.
Handle Process Wire, Wood, Plastic, Loop, Thread, etc.
Brush Features Can Be FDA Complies
Certifications RoHS, SVHC
Usage Scenarios Suction Tube Cleaning, etc.
Industry Medical Industry


AOQUN Knows Your Brush, Make Your Brush


AOQUN is a large-scale high-quality customized brush manufacturing company combining design,
development, production, sales and service. Aoqun always produces every piece of satisfying brush with heart.


  • Ex Factory Pass Rate≥99.5%
  • On Time Delivery≥98%
  • Customer Satisfaction≥99.9
  • Customized plan in 8 hours
  • Samples in 2 days

suction tube cleaning brush suction tube brush


   15 Product Patents,≥30 EU Industrial Certifications


  • National high-tech company;
  • Comply with ISO13485, ISO9001;
  • Honor contract and trustworthy company
  • Safety production standardization certification
  • Intellectual property management system certification



   20+ Years Industrial Experience, 1 to 1 CS 


  • R & D design team and foreign trade team with more than 20 years
  • German automated production brush machines, fast, save cost and time 



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