Wholesale Fish Farm Koi Pond Filter Brushes

Aoqun Wholesale Fish Farm Koi Pond Filter Brushes Are Twisted Brushes Made Of High-Quality Stainless Steel Wire And Polypropylene Brush Filament. Hot Sale Brush Product in Aoqun Brush Factory.


Wholesale Fish Farm Koi Pond Filter Brushes

Filter Brushes are the common physical filter media in the filtration system, which proves that the filter
brush can effectively maintain the transparency of water. Aoqun Brush Factory's daily production capacity
filter brushes reach 20,000 meters, enough production capacity allows you to place an order with confidence.


Ⅰ. Product Description

Aoqun Wholesale Fish Farm Koi Pond Filter Brushes are twisted brushes made of high-quality stainless
steel wire and polypropylene brush filament. Using stainless steel stranded wire can not only extend the service
life of the filter brush, but also reduce the pollution of water sources by carbon steel and other anti-corrosive
substances. Aoqun's high-quality brush filaments can resist ultraviolet rays and reduce harmful molecules in
the water. The angular structure of the cross filament makes the filter brush enhance the adsorption capacity,
easy to hang the biofilm, intercept particles, and improve the utilization rate of dissolved oxygen. Our filter brushes
are easy to clean and reusable. It is an environmentally friendly filter material.

According to the customer's own needs, customize the length of the filter brush and choose the filament
material. Of course, we strongly recommend this cross-filament angular structure effective filter brush.

filter brush application
                                                            (click on the picture to customize filter brush )


Ⅱ. Brush Details

filter brush application

Wholesale Koi Pond Filter Brushes

Fish Farm Water Filter Brush
Filter Brushes For Koi Pond
Fish Pond Filter Brushes
Wholesale Fish Farm Koi Pond Filter Brushes

Ⅲ. Brush Parameter

Items Parameters
Filament Material PP, PET, PBT
Filament Color Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, etc.
Brush Head Process Plastic Tip, Cutting, Ring
Brush Handle Process Common loop
Brush Diameter 80mm~150mm
Overall Length 1m~1.5m (Customer Requested)
Brush Features Durable, Reusable, Environmental-friendly
MOQ 10000 Pieces
Application Industry Filtration, Fish Farm
Product Capability 200000 m/day
Company Certificate ISO9001, ROHS, SVHC