Disposable Medical Cytology Brushes For Collecting Cell

AOQUN Disposable Medical Cytology Brushes Are Flexible Medical Brushes Used To Collect A Variety Of Cell Samples.

Disposable Medical Cytology Brushes For Collecting Cell


Ⅰ. Product Description

AOQUN Disposable Medical Cytology Brushes are flexible medical brushes used to collect a variety of
cell samples. Due to the ease of operation, combined with the endoscope, it is very easy to push forward to
the desired site, and then the endocervical epithelial cell sample can be retrieved virtually effortlessly. The
bristles are moderately soft and hard, and the cells and tissues are easy to sample. Fine bristles allow for 
tissue-sparing cytology smears.

This is a small twisted wire brush with an all-in-one brush head that won't come off. The outside is wrapped
in plastic, smooth and straight, and not easy to break or bend. Individually sterile packaged, in line with
international standards.

Medical Brush For Cervix


Ⅱ. Brush Details

Cervical Cytology Brushes for collecting cell
Cytology Brushes For Collecting
Disposable Cytology Brushes


Ⅲ. Brush Parameter

Items Parameters
Filament Material Nylon
Filament Color Transparent
Brush Head Process Plastic Cover Tip, Single Wire Loopback
Brush Handle Process Cutting and Plastic Cover
Brush Diameter 1mm~3mm
Overall Length 1200mm~2400mm (Customer Requested)
Brush Features Disposable, Environmental-friendly
MOQ 10000 Pieces
Application Industry Collect Cell
Product Capability 36000 pcs/day
Company Certificate ISO9001, ROHS, SVHC, FDA Registered