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Proper Use Of AOQUN's Four Cleaning Brushes

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Update time : 2023-01-13 12:06:32
In the brush industry, there are many types of brushes, for example: according to the usage scenarios, they can be divided into civil brushes and industrial brushes; if they are separated by function, there are: polishing brushes, sealing brushes, and cleaning brushes ...And today I will focus on telling you: the use of cleaning brushes, mainly taking AOQUN's four major cleaning brushes as examples so that everyone can really understand the "how to use brushes", as follows:

1. Electronic cigarette cleaning brush

Taking the e-cigarette cleaning brush as an example, the e-cigarette cleaning brush is mainly divided into manual cleaning and automatic cleaning and is mainly used to clean the cigarette rod and heating sheet of the e-cigarette. Specific operation: 1. After the pipe cools down, wipe it with a cleaning brush, and brush every corner of the pipe, especially some small places, which must be brushed slowly and in place; 2. Cleaning A good e-cigarette cannot be smoked immediately. It is necessary to wait for the e-cigarette to dry naturally so that the pipe can be cleaned and the user experience in the later stage can be achieved.

2. Sewage filter brush

The use of the sewage treatment filter brush is also very simple. The specific operations are as follows: just hang the sewage treatment filter brush vertically and place it tightly and orderly. Intercepting" down, the downstream water body thus has a good filtering effect. In addition, this cleaning filter brush is also very easy to clean. After use, it can be sprayed with a high-pressure water gun. It can be recycled for 3 years without losing hair or deformation, which is very environmentally friendly.

3. Instrument cleaning brush

Depending on the type of musical instrument and the different parts, the types of instrument cleaning brushes used are also different. For example valve port cleaning brushes are mainly used to clean the valve ports of brass instruments or all musical instruments with valve ports; woodwind instrument key cleaning brushes Effectively remove the dust from woodwind keys, keep your keys in a good condition, and ensure your woodwind instruments are in a playable state; the most common mouthpiece brush, its correct use is: use a warm, Foamy water, the brush vigorously cleans both ends of the mouthpiece; it must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent cross-infection of bacteria, viruses or fungi in the dust.

4. Bottle cleaning brush

There are many kinds of AOQUN bottle cleaning brushes, such as wine bottles, baby bottles, glass water glasses, etc. According to the characteristics of different types of bottles, different bottle brushes can be customized. The following will take the baby bottle as an example to teach you how to use the bottle-cleaning brush correctly. The specific operation: 1. First disassemble the baby bottle; 2. Brush every corner of the baby bottle with a bottle brush, especially around the mouth of the baby bottle, use a small bottle brush to brush slowly, and it must be in place. If the bottle has a straw, it should also be brushed. This place is difficult to clean and easy to ignore; 3. After cleaning every part of the bottle, put the baby bottle in boiling water at 100 degrees, boil it for 3-5 minutes, take it out, dry it, and put it away for the next use.
AOQUN has a variety of cleaning brushes, which are used in medical, household, water treatment, and other industries. Our cleaning brushes are well-designed, reliable in quality, and durable in use.
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