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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Lumen Instruments

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Update time : 2022-10-27 16:12:10
There are various types of lumen instruments, covering a wide range of areas, including uterine tubes in obstetrics and gynecology, cerebral pressure tubes and brain needles in neurology, intramedullary decompression tubes in orthopedics, various puncture needles in clinical treatment packages, and various puncture needles necessary for surgery. an attractor. Lumen devices can be divided into metal tubes (puncture needles, suction heads, the lumen of rigid endoscopes, etc.), rubber tubes, plastic tubes, glass tubes (culture tubes), etc., according to the material of the device, and can also be classified according to the characteristics of the results ( length, joint, diameter), etc.
The general cleaning procedures are initial washing, fine washing, rinsing, disinfection, final rinsing, lubricating, and drying.


(1) First wash

Thoroughly rinse the disassembled lumen instruments under running water to remove any contaminants visible to the naked eye. Then, use a medical pipe cleaning brush whose size is consistent with the inner diameter of the lumen and the length is slightly longer than that of the lumen to brush the inner wall of the pipe; when brushing, the medical instrument cleaning brush is required to be exposed from the other end of the lumen, and the contamination on the brush is washed away Pull back again. Finally, flush the inner wall of the lumen with a high-pressure water gun for 20 seconds.


(2) Fine wash

Metal lumen instruments
Put the rinsed metal lumen instruments (puncture needle, suction head, the lumen of the rigid endoscope, etc.) in the ultrasonic containing multi-enzyme for ultrasonic cleaning for 5-8 minutes, and cover it to prevent the generation of aerosols. At the same time, the lumen needs to be exhausted. The water temperature must be controlled below 40 °C during enzyme bubble and enzyme washing. After ultrasonication, the lumen is brushed with a pipe brush, and the brush heads are seen at both ends. At the same time, use a soft brush dipped in enzyme to scrub the shaft section and curved part of the endoluminal instrument.

The enzyme cleaning solution can effectively loosen and remove the protein mucopolysaccharides, fats, and sugars adhering to the equipment, so as to minimize the number of organic matter and microorganisms remaining on the items as much as possible. The material is decomposed into particles and separated from the surface of the object, effectively removing the biofilm and enhancing the disinfection and sterilization effect.
Rubber, plastic, and glass lumen devices
Immerse the rinsed lumen in a multi-enzyme solution for 3-5 minutes. If it can be ultrasonically cleaned, use ultrasonic cleaning for 5 minutes. Scrub the outside of the lumen with a soft cloth or soft brush, and rinse the lumen with a high-pressure water gun.

(3) Rinse

Thoroughly rinse the lumen instruments soaked in the multi-enzyme solution with running water to remove the multi-enzyme lotion and loose dirt in the pipeline and on the surface of the instruments, and rinse the lumen of each part with a high-pressure water gun.

(4) Disinfection

Immerse the rinsed lumen instruments in acidified water for 2 min.

(5) Final rinse

Perform a final rinse of sterilized instruments with demineralized, purified, or distilled water, and rinse the lumen of lumen instruments with distilled or purified water under pressure. When observed, the water column at the distal end of the lumen is in a straight line and does not cross.

(6) Lubrication

Mix the water-soluble rust inhibitor according to the proportion used, and soak the metal instruments in the lubricant for 30 seconds. Lumens of plastic, rubber, glass, etc. do not require lubrication.

(7) Dry

The outer surface of the lumen device can be wiped with low-fiber gauze, or dried in a drying oven or machine. The lumen instrument tubing is blown dry with an internal high-pressure air gun, and can also be dried with 95% ethanol. At the same time, check whether the pipes are unobstructed, whether there are rust spots at the joints and the flexibility of the joints. Special personnel is responsible for keeping them.
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